Student Leadership Programme

The student leadership programme & student voice

Hugh Christie Technology College aims to build the understanding and skills of leadership through the total curriculum and the many varied activities of school life.

Our Student Leadership Programme provides:

  • formal and informal learning opportunities to develop individuals as leaders.
  • processes and structures for student representation and the incorporation of students’ views into decision making into the life of the school.

Hugh Christie Technology College will:

  • provide a wide range of activities and leadership opportunities which cater for all students in the school.
  • maximise the number and range of students undertaking leadership roles.
  • provide recognition of all student leadership roles.
  • Encourage the development of student participation and leadership skills through classroom practice
  • encourage students to differentiate between student participation and student leadership.
  • develop student participation and leadership skills in all students through specific programmes, for example:
  • Student Council
  • Student Leaders
  • Parliament: debating, public speaking, reporting
  • Buddy systems
  • Sport, captaincy in sports teams
  • visual, creative and performing arts
  • Peer Mentoring Programme
  • Community, Action, Service activities
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Supporting whole school activities:

i. Open Evening

ii. Charity Events

iii. Parents Evening

iv. Staff recruitment

v. Representing the school in the immediate and wider community

  • Develop ways to ensure gender equity. These could include:
    • leadership roles with both boys and girls as co-representatives
    • sports captaincy evenly representing boys and girls
    • practices that challenge gender stereotypes
    • using gender inclusive language
    • Celebrate the achievements of all students in written and oral forms
    • newsletter, podcasts, written or oral
    • school assemblies
    • certificate
    • green flag
    • leadership meal and rewards breakfast
    • letters from the Executive Principal
    • Academy Commendation
    • vouchers for the reward shop

Overview of the Leadership Programme - click on view image


One role of a student leader is to canvas opinion from the student body about a range of topics. Each leader is assigned to an Advisory group and asks their opinions on a specific topic on a monthly basis. This is then fed back to the Executive Principal and Head of School for possible action.

This process gives students at Hugh Christie the opportunity to have their say on a range of issues affecting them at college.

Examples of Items being discussed:

  • How can we raise funds for charity and what charities should we be supporting as a school?
  • How can we improve the outside social spaces for students at break and lunchtime, especially the playground area between TB1 and 2?
  • What do students think make outstanding lessons?