The Lighthouse Project



The Team

  • Andrew Fissenden - Lead Lighthouse Tutor
  • Linda Wynn - Learning Support Assistant
  • Wendy Cullen - Teaching Assistant


The Lighthouse is a student-centred, alternative curriculum provision based within the Skills Centre at Hugh Christie School.

Aims and objectives

  • To work with students predominantly in Key Stage 4, who are at risk of permanent exclusion or non-attendance.  
  • To help students build resilience to return to mainstream education in the short and medium term.
  • To provide a high quality alternative provision in which students are empowered to make choices, which will ensure that they are achieving in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. 
  • To generate confidence and pride whilst promoting a supportive, team focused ethos in which students are highly motivated to achieve the very best results possible.

The Curriculum

In order to accelerate learning and improve standards, interventions will be in place as part of a bespoke curriculum that meets the specific, individual needs of every student here at the Lighthouse.
These interventions will include 
· GCSE Mathematics taught within the Lighthouse 
· Supported learning opportunities in selected subjects within the mainstream curriculum
· Independent learning opportunities in selected subjects with the mainstream curriculum
· Small group work with a specified Tutor/LSA/TA for core subjects (English, Maths and Science)
· Opportunities to gain additional qualifications (Employability, ECDL, Safe Road Skills)
· Personal, Social and Emotional development sessions
· Opportunities to participate in Physical Education/Sport sessions
· Weekly one to one mentoring sessions
· Careers advice and guidance
· Access to counselling (where appropriate)
· Improving behaviour course (where appropriate)
Timetables are agreed upon during the referral process with each specific student and their parent/carer.  A copy of each individual timetable can be found in the department folder and can be subject to change during the learner’s time in the Lighthouse.
The Lighthouse follows the same school day as the mainstream school, allowing students to access core lessons option blocks, which are of a suitable level.  Students arrive at 0815hrs for a morning advisory session and leave at 1300hrs if their behaviour and work ethic has met the expectations set out during the referral process.
Staff timetables are set to the needs of our learners and staff are assigned groups and classes relevant to their skill set and qualifications.
Schemes of work for core subjects (English, Maths and Science) are in line with each department and close links kept with HOD’s and classroom teachers.  Schemes of work for additional qualifications, delivered in-house are the responsibility of the designated Tutor/TA and are available upon request.