Literacy Leader - Mrs Heather Swinnerton
In today’s rapidly changing society, if students are going to be successful, healthy and happy members of any future society, they will need to be competent, confident and innovative in their use and understanding of language.
All lessons at Hugh Christie will be concentrating on improving students’ Literacy through conversations, activities and reading connected to the different subjects studied.
Students will be encouraged to read as much as possible and they should practice this at home too. Reading a wide variety of fiction and non–fiction is key to success in examinations.  Having conversations and discussions will also help students’ to improve their communication skills and encouraging them to speak in sentences will definitely improve their chances of success.
Information and ideas on reading are attached to this page and these documents will be updated regularly. This is the area where Home and school can work together to help students be as successful as possible.
The school's Literacy Policy can be viewed by clicking the link here.