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The Team

  • Mr M Wright - Director of Learning
  • Mr S Blinkhorn - Second in Department
  • Mrs J Salisbury
  • Mr P Shah
  • Mrs J Ingram
  • Mrs H Nicholls
  • Mr M Fenn


The Mathematics department at Hugh Christie are pleased to offer a number of exciting courses to help the pupils reach their full potential.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students follow one of 3 different schemes of work (Pi, Theta or Delta) to ensure that all students are stretched and challenged to an appropriate level.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Mathematics is a compulsory course at Key Stage 4, however, the Mathematics Department at Hugh Christie is pleased to offer a range of courses to help the students to reach their full potential. These include the possibility of studying GCSE Statistics or Level 2 Further Mathematics. 
Every student receives recognition that reflects his or her ability and work ethic through a nationally accredited GCSE certificate in Mathematics. The linear course is examined at the end of Year 11 with a series of three, 90 minute examination papers. Paper 1 is non-calculator, whilst paper 2 and 3 are both calculator. We currently use Edexcel as our exam board.

Key Stage 5

In 6th form we have opportunities for students not reaching their potential at GCSE to work towards retaking their GCSE maths. We also have a large cohort of students studying Maths at AS and A2 level. In addition, we also have a growing number of students studying the AS and A2 Further Mathematics qualifications. 
There are expectations of the department that the pupil must match. The first is to have the correct equipment with them for every lesson, the second is that their behaviour must be in keeping with the expectations of the school, and the third is that homework must be completed on time and to a good standard.  
We look forward to your child’s success in Mathematics.