Service Learning

Service Learning

As part of the International Baccalaureate Career Pathway, of which Hugh Christie is a leading school, students are expected to take part in experiences beyond their curriculum area.

Students are required to log at least one hour per week for a Service Learning activity; here are some ideas:

Becoming a community leader for the Discovery or Empower Academies:

Working with Mr Blinkhorn and Mr Amos to:

  • Help organise competitions between the academies
  • Help organise social events for the academies
  • Helping to produce academy year books
  • Contribute materials for social mediaOrganise photographs at academy events
  • Assist with assembliesHelp organise the Year 11 Prom  

Leading or taking part in a social committee:

  • To organise events and visits for 6th Formers
  • To raise money for the 6th Form
  • To organise The Prom


Leading or becoming part of a charity committee:

  • Selecting a charity for the 6th Form or for Academies.
  • Organising fundraising events for the school or local community


Leading or being part of a sporting committee:·       

  • Organising sporting events for the school
  • Organising events between schools or 6th Forms
  • Organising student/staff competitions


Mentoring of lower school students in advisory groups:

  • Mentoring students struggling with social issues
  • Mentoring students academically
  • Mentoring students with behavioural challenges


 Subject Support:

  • Attaching yourself to a department
  • Supporting in the role of a teaching assistant
  • Supporting a department with administration
  • Supporting a department with preparation of materials.


Supporting Local Community:

  • Supporting a local primary school
  • Supporting a local charity
  • Volunteering to help out with local sporting events for children


Recreational and Creative Arts:

  • Taking part in a band to support at school and community events
  • Supporting gifted and talented artists in the lower school


If you have an idea of your own that you’d prefer discuss it with your advisor.