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Year 8 Writing Project

Letter to Year 8 Parents about Writing Project .

Dear Parents,

 I would like to tell you about a project we run with Year 8 which aims to improve their writing skills. This project ran last year and Year 8 were successful in improving their writing and creativity.

As you may be aware from the news, the English and Maths examinations that Year 8 will take in Year 11 will be different from the current GCSEs. They will be graded from 1- 9 and there will be no more coursework. These new examinations are going to ask students to write longer, essay style, answers which will test their ability to write fluently and accurately. Therefore, the Year 8 Writing Project has been designed to begin our students’ training for these final examinations in their Year 11.

Also, we are very aware, that students still need to be able to write with a pen, even in today’s technological world, and that their handwriting should still be clear and legible. Students also need to be able to be creative, using their imaginations to create a piece that is interesting for someone else to read. They must also be able to use a variety of words to communicate their ideas.  This project will help the students practise these skills and be imaginative in what they write.

The Year 8 Writing project will require all Year 8 students to complete one piece of writing a week for Homework. These pieces are being set by all their subjects and a programme of tasks is included with this letter. All your child’s subjects are taking part in this project as it is not just in English that students need to be able to write and we want to emphasise the need for accurate, clear writing in every subject and every task.

Students must complete these pieces using pen and paper. They will be given a word limit by their teachers, but what they write is for them to decide in relation to the task. Teachers will mark the pieces in 4 key areas: sentences, paragraphs, punctuation and achieving the word limit. A central record will be kept at school of all these pieces and you will receive an update on your child’s progress at Year 8 Parents’ Evening and at the end of the year.

Please do support and encourage your child to complete these pieces properly and to the best of their ability. Please do talk through the tasks with them before they write and then read through their work with them so that they see how another reader responds to what they have written. I know this could be tricky, but getting your child to re-write a piece before it is handed in would help them improve their writing skills.

Thank you for you support in this project; I do believe it will give our students the best possible chance of success in future examinations, jobs and life.

 If you would like to discuss this further then please do not hesitate to contact me at school or by email at hswinnerton199@tonbridgefederation.co.uk.

Yours sincerely

Heather Swinnerton

Assistant Principal – REAL & Literacy




What’s the Programme?

The following is the timetable and tasks for the year.  Please ensure that your child completes all of these tasks to the deadlines given by teachers. Word limits will vary from class to class and task to task.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any further queries regarding tasks or contact Mrs Swinnerton on :



Date w/b



Rollover and Term 1.



June 30th 2014


Describe EITHER The Football World Cup or Wimbledon Tennis Tournament from a ball’s point of view.


July 7th 2014

REAL/ Science

What would happen if the world suddenly started to speed up so we could feel it going round? Write the story of a day when this happened.


July 14th 2014


Write a letter to a new Year 7 student giving advice and guidance on either using computers or learning a new language.


September 8th 2014


Explain what you could buy with £ 1000 and then explain what you would buy if you had that amount of money.


September 15th 2014

Performing Arts

You are now in charge of the Royal Variety Performance. Collabro won BGT so they are already on the programme. Describe and explain 5 other acts that you would choose to take part.

September 22nd 2014

REAL/ Citizenship

What makes a strong and effective leader? Write an essay outlining the qualities that you feel are necessary for a person to be a good leader. You should use examples of real leaders to support your views.


September 29th 2014


Design a home for the 21st Century. Describe what your house would look like, what it would have in it, how it would work and why it would help the environment for the future.



October 6th 2014


Choose a famous painting; write the description you would read out to a blind person so that they can “see” the picture in their mind.  Include a picture of your chosen painting .


October 13th 2014


Why do people celebrate Hallowe’en? How do people celebrate it around the world? Is it still a relevant and valid part of 21st century life?

Write an essay on Hallowe’en where you answer the above questions. 

(This could be set for Half term Holiday Homework)


Term 2.



November 3rd 2014  


Describe Firework night from the firework’s point of view.


November 10th 2014


Create a profile of a famous person from ICT or the country of your studied language.


November 17th 2014  


So just how much do we use numbers in everyday life? Write a detailed account of your week showing how you have used numbers on your life.


November 24th 2014

Science /REAL

If you had a TARDIS, where or when would you go and who would you like to meet? 


December 1st 2014


If all the colours of the rainbow were placed in order of importance, what would the order be and why?



December 8th 2014


If you were the Head of Apple, what would you design as a new product? What would it be able to do? What would it be called and how would it help people in their daily lives?



December 15th 2014

Humanities/ Citizenship ( REAL)

Selling useless objects as Christmas presents e.g. could you write the blurb that would sell a Square Wheel? 


OR: Write a description of Christmas for an alien including its history and role in today’s world.



Term 3.



January 5th 2015

Performing Arts

Write a review of a film or TV programme that you watched over Christmas.


January 12th 2015  

Geography / REAL

Imagine you were creating a new country after a global disaster. Write the description of your country, its rules, anthems, government, language ….



January 19th 2015


Write a story for children to help them learn their numbers.


January 26th 2015


Who do you think is the scariest and most evil “baddie” in films and stories?


February 2nd 2015


Write a letter to our guest speaker. ( Date to be confirmed)

Term 4



February 23rd 2015


Should the whole world speak one language? Comment on the positive and negative effects of everyone speaking just one language.



What would happen if suddenly all the computers and phones disappeared? Comment on the positive and negative effects this would have.




March 2nd 2015


Choose a famous landmark or building e.g. The London Eye, Mount Everest, The Statue of Liberty or The Shard. Imagine you are that building, landmark,  tower or statue and describe a day in your life. It could be a normal day or a day when something unusual or special happened.


March 9th 2015


If you could reorganise the whole year, what order would you put the events, months, seasons in? Explain how you would organise the year and explain your reasons for your choices.


March 16th 2015

History / REAL

In Shakespeare’s time, people believed in witches. Write your own spell, with at least 15 ingredients, explain what the spell will achieve and write the rhyme or chant that would go with it to make it work.


March 23rd 2015


“Everyone should be a vegetarian”.

Write a piece arguing either for or against this statement.


March 30th 2015

Performing / Art

Why are certain cartoon characters the colour they are? Why are Smurfs blue? Why are Minions yellow? Why are the Toy Story Aliens green? Would these characters be as effective if they were different colours? Are there any other characters that have to be a specific colour?

Write your thoughts on the importance of certain characters being specific colours.


( This could be set as an Easter Holiday Task)


Students will be given a Task sheet for each week outlining exactly what they have to do and the date the work needs to be handed in.


Heather Swinnerton

Assistant Principal – REAL & Literacy.

June 2014 .