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Centenary sculpture challenge.

Secondary School children in Tonbridge and surrounding areas were set a challenge last year by Pam Mills, on behalf of Tonbridge memorial gardens  to produce a design representing ‘What Remembrance meant to them.’
 A large number of designs were received, and school management teams were asked to choose three that best represented their school. Guy Portelli, International Sculptor and of Dragons Den fame,  worked with the finalists to develop their concepts into working maquettes which went on show in an exhibition. It was from this public opinion was sought , and the final designs were then presented to panel.
'The Torch' was chosen as the winning design , Ellie Baxter age 12 from Hillview designed a high held poppy, this combined with a square plinth which was influenced by Kasey Trow from Hugh Christie will be the substance of the professional piece that is to be made by Guy Portelli, and placed in Tonbridge Memorial gardens later this year to mark 100 years since WW1.
It will depict the sense of a hand holding a poppy ( the sign of Remembrance), the fingers are abstracted and to be made of  shards of bronze, which puncture the poppy. The flower will be bronze inlaid with glass mosiac and will reflect light ,giving the impression of a torch and showing a feel of an eternal flame of remembrance.
The base will be square and textured to resemble the imprint of a battlefield, with bootprints,horse and dog prints along with bullet holes and tank tracks to capture the essence of the war.
It will pay homage not only to the peolple but the animals that were caught up in the conflict.
A big well done to both girls for designing such imaginative pieces.


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