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Year 8 Writing Project Term 4 2014

Year 8 have been working well with the writing project tasks and proving how creative they are. This term's tasks include ideas from the students themselves. Please monitor your child's work on these tasks and remember that they must be handwritten to give students plenty of practice for the new GCSEs .

Year 8 Writing Project Programme.

The following is the timetable and tasks for Term 4

Date w/b



February 24th


Should the whole world speak one language? Comment on the positive and negative effects of everyone speaking just one language.


What would happen if suddenly all the computers and phones disappeared? Comment on the positive and negative effects this would have.

March 3rd


Choose a famous landmark or building e.g. The London Eye, Mount Everest, The Statue of Liberty or The Shard. Imagine you are that building or tower or statue and describe a day in your life. It could be a normal day or a day when something unusual or special happened.

March 10th  


If you could reorganise the whole year, what order would you put the events, months, seasons in? Explain how you would organise the year and explain your reasons for your choices.

March 17th


In Shakespeare’s time, people believed in witches. Write your own spell, with at least 15 ingredients, explain what the spell will achieve and write the rhyme or chant that would go with it to make it work.

March 24th


“Everyone should be a vegetarian”.

Write a piece arguing either for or against this statement.

March 31st

ART/Perf Arts

Why are certain cartoon characters the colour they are? Why are Smurfs blue? Why are Minions yellow? Why are the Toy Story Aliens green? Would these characters be as effective if they were different colours? Are there any other characters that have to be a specific colour?

Write your thoughts on the importance of certain characters being specific colours.