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Delay to Year 10 Work Experience

22nd January 2014

Dear Parents / Guardians / Carer

Re: GCSE Statistics Examination and Work Experience

I am writing to inform you of a clash with the GCSE Statistics examination and the first day of work experience. As you are aware from Mrs Salisbury’s (Director of Learning for Maths) letter, the GCSE Statistics examination is scheduled for the afternoon of Monday 23rd June 2014 and involves every year 10 student. This was also the proposed starting date for the work experience fortnight.

Given the current national educational climate and therefore the importance of this GCSE Statistics qualification for both the students and the school, I have decided to delay the start of the work experience fortnight by 1 day to Tuesday 24th June 2014. Mr Mort, who is co-ordinating the work experience placements, will write to every company/placement in due course to inform them of this change. The placements will still finish on the published date of Friday 4th July 2014 and all students will return to school for normal lessons on Monday 7th July 2014.

On the 23rd June 2014, all year 10 students will be expected to attend school on time, in the correct uniform and with a calculator. They will attend normal lessons in the morning and then take their Statistics examination in the afternoon.

If you would like more information regarding the content of this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mark Fenn MA

(Head of School)