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Friends of Hugh Christie

As a parent or carer of a student at Hugh Christie Technology School, you are all members of the Friends of Hugh Christie (FOHC).  This organisation was set up to bring together parents, teachers and friends to ‘make a difference’ to the students at the School. 

This difference is achieved by many fund raising events which take place throughout the year. If you wish to become involved in the FOHC and can offer some time or help, please join us either as a member of the committee or just come along and help at any of the events held throughout the year.

Your help, however small, is always appreciated!

You can find out more information about Friends of Hugh Christie on the school website under Family & Community or you can contact us at

Due to the hard efforts by everyone involved with FOHC and the huge generosity of parents and carers, we have raised over £10,000 since the formation of the group five years ago. This means we have been able to purchase a large number of resources for the students to use at the school.

Details of all events or fund raising activities will be on our website page and in the school’s monthly Newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you at an event.




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