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College Organisation

Hugh Christie consists of separate learning communities called Academies. These are like mini schools that together make up the whole school. All students belong to an Academy.  The purpose of the Academies are to provide a small community that your child feels part of and is supported by; it is similar to a House system.

REAL stands for Relevant Engaging Active Learning. All students will spend their first two years of School life as members of the REAL Academy. Students will follow a curriculum called REAL where they will spend around 40% of their time (depending on their ability) with one teacher/Advisor so they can get to know one adult really well. They will still study six national curriculum subjects through the use of projects using Information Technology as a key learning tool.

At the start of Year 9, students will join the Upper School and they will be placed in either the Discovery Academy or the Empower Academy. Each Academy has a Community Leader who fosters  a distinctive aim and ethos. The Upper School team is responsible for overseeing the academic and social development of their students. They are also there to support children and families through any difficulties that may occur.

Sixth Form is for students in Years 12 and 13. Sixth Form students are mentored in Advisory groups and supported by a key member of staff.


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